In 2013, the Tasmanian Hospitality Association (THA) formed [THAT] – Tasmanian Hospitality Association Together. The charitable arm of the THA is a fundraising foundation that raises money from three annual events, to assist young Tasmanians and their families with vital assistance that is not able to be provided by government or through other means.

The foundation is run through the THA with the association taking responsibility for all administration and associated expenses so that every dollar raised through fundraising efforts, is directed to those in need.

The foundation has been able to assist the community by covering the cost for the following:

  • The development of 10 x Spica Chairs to support children with hip dysplasia.

  • A range of second skins along with splints and boots to support children with walking.

  • A range of products to support sensory requirements.

  • Therapy services, wheelchair ramps and taking groups of disadvantaged children and their parents to the cinema in school holidays to enjoy an experience they would not normally get.

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