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We wanted you to be one of the first to hear directly from us that we are very excited to announce the newest leadership program from Tasmanian Leaders, the Industry Leadership Enterprise and Development program, I-LEAD.

Funded by the State Government of Tasmania through the Department of State Growth the program will deliver premium leadership development with reputation and relevance, across three regions in 2018-2020. The first will be in Launceston.

As is characteristic of Tasmanian Leaders we are seeking a diverse group of high potential leaders. In this program we are specifically targeting small to medium private sector businesses experiencing growth.

 Designed to increase business leaders’ capacity and drive lasting change, this program provides strategic leadership expertise and will focus on three key areas; people, business and leadership. In 2018 the program will be delivered at Peppers Silo Hotel, Launceston on Sunday July 1 and Monday July 2, and also Sunday August 26 and Monday 27.

Have you wanted to be involved with Tasmanian Leaders? Do you have staff or peers wanting to reach their potential who would benefit from participating in this exciting new program? We welcome you to consider your participation and highlight this opportunity to those within your network. 

 Attached is a brochure outlining details of this upcoming opportunity for your consideration and also distribution to your networks. Enrolment is fee-for-service with entry by application, the full cost is $1,463. Sector specific scholarships are available for the agriculture, hospitality and tourism industries of up to $1,045.

 Applications close on 6 June 2018, so we kindly ask that you please act now!

Please contact the office if you have any queries on 6777 2727 or visit our website.
— Angela Driver, Tasmanian Leaders Inc

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