Looking after our Workforce

Our Managers



The principal outcome is a more informed industry creating opportunities to make the industry a better, more profitable and sustainable place to work.

This includes:

  • Better Financial, HR and IR management creating a fairer and more secure and supported environment for employees.  Creates an atmosphere where employees strive to succeed.
  • Better training outcomes from better understanding of training requirements and issues, and better management of staff in training whether it be accredited training of apprentices and trainees or access to non-accredited training for transient and or casual/ part-time staff who don’t have aspirations for qualifications.
  • Industry scholarships, training opportunities and staff exchanges between Australian Jurisdictions and New Zealand.



Many Industry leaders have grown up in the Industry and have not been exposed to, or been able to develop skills in, contemporary management skills and requirements. 

The industry is stretching in size and many more venues are coming on-line.  Managers for these new venues come from existing middle management.  In venues where middle managers leave, a vacuum exists that is filled in many cases by staff coming up from the floor – these staff are great at dealing with customers but lack the ability to manage staff, address financial reports along with IR issues, and in many cases do not have the time to undertake accredited training options.

The risks associated with such an operating environment are significant for management, for employees, and for the industry where the lack of skills and knowledge drives good people out of the industry.

The THA Great Customer Experience Program has highlighted these middle and upper management level issues, as did the THA Jobs Pool initiative in 2015. This is particularly true in small to medium size businesses, and of greatest concern in regional areas.

Lack of skills and qualifications in areas like IR, HR and Finance at middle and upper management levels is the “sleeper” issue in the Hospitality Industry.  It limits venue success and contributes to the visibility of Hospitality as a career option.

New Zealand runs a Future Leaders Forum each year and offer scholarships as part of their commitment to invest in the people who choose hospitality as a career.



The THA runs forums each year to provide advice and information and is very active with venues in providing training options, and managing industrial and employee issues.

Our preferred solution is to obtain funding for a series of regionally based forums that provide information from “expert” speakers, Government Agencies and other organisations who are seen to be of benefit. 

The proposed Program would:

  • would be run in 5 regions – North, South, North West, East and West.
  • would require attendance at 3 regional and 1 central forum for Small to Medium venues and would be tailored to be delivered to larger enterprises with staff from these enterprises also attending the central forum.
  • would build on the success of the THA Ambassador Program and the Ambassadors would be part of the Forum.  The balance of participants would be made up of venue operators and middle managers who want to become informed about contemporary issues, particularly in employment and training, and of staff employed in larger businesses who would attend the tailored large enterprise sessions.