Non-Accredited Training


For the THA Non Accredited training is the vehicle that gets people involved in training – it is our pathway to “participation”.  A key plank for our Great Customer Experience Program is contact, diagnostic, presentation and ultimately training at your venue, when you want it, not interfering in service and available when you need it.  Non Accredited training allows us to meet these requirements.

It’s not accredited training but it will give your people some of the skills they need to “just do the job you want them to do”.

It also provides an experience that demonstrates to your staff that training is a good thing, and we hope that leads to staff embarking on a Skills Experience through accredited channels.  A better skilled industry is in all our best interests.

This is an important ingredient for rural and isolated venues where venues do not train, other than “on the job”.  It’s too hard to get relief staff and too expensive to have staff taken off line for up to 3 days.

The THA has adopted a product called Typsy to use as its base for providing non accredited training to venues.

It is video based and able to be delivered on site over a short time period to bring information and skills to employees.

Venues and employees can purchase the product themselves – it is usable over a number of platforms and is available 24/7.  Subject matter is from low operational tasks to complex management and social media issues.

THA adopts a model where a Facilitator runs the sessions – sets the scene (many of the videos are in higher class venues), make sure it is concentrated on the “messages” and uses the videos in whatever way gets the message across.  There may be some practical component to the training should the presenter have the skills required – eg coffee making.