What's Great about Being a Chef?

What's so Great About Being a Chef?


There are lots of good jobs and careers out there, but if you love food, are creative and thrive on making people happy, there’s no better job than being a chef.

Chefs, Cooks usually work in settings such as

  • Restaurants & cafes
  • Corporate cafeterias
  • Cruise ships
  • Resorts/ large Hotels
  • Aged Cares Services
  • Hospitals and,
  • Defence Forces

According to the Bureau of Government Statistics, employment of Chefs & Cooks is projected to grow from 2017 to 2020, with the growth of demand in Tourism & Hospitality in Tasmania at alarming rates, opportunity knocks.


You are master of your own domain

Being a chef means you alone are master of your kitchen, and you direct and manage a dedicated team. You are judged by each and every morsel/plate that goes out of your kitchen, and it is a responsibility that you thrive upon. There are very few jobs where there is so much freedom to operate individually and creatively and where you lead a high performance team.

You are in demand all over the world

Like any high performance career you will be in demand; often in all corners of the globe, talented chefs are always in demand. It’s not surprising really when you considered the popularity of eating out in the western world.

Unleash your creativity

If the smell and sight of food moves your senses, if you love the clink of the pots; then a career as a chef might just be your calling. This career pays you for using your creative culinary skills and for you to use this creativity to experiment and create recipes that are a treat for the senses- sight, smell and taste.

You get to build and work with a fantastic team

There is nothing better than leading a good team through a busy service. The leadership you give them and the support they provide you with leads to a real camaraderie that any other job would find hard to compete with. A busy service can often feel like you’re out of control, but its crazy pressure that you just handle, success resting upon remaining calm, working hard and communicating with each other. Compare the buzz you feel when a good kitchen team is in full swing with that of a quiet office or large factory.

Nothing compares to it!


Enjoy the prestige of being a chef 

A well experienced and creative chef can become well recognized all over the world. This may take time, skill and experience. However, once you reach that stage, the prestige, praise and recognition is quite exciting. There are some chefs who opt to cook for movie celebrities and top politicians. Chefs can make life long impressions, and are becoming a major part of the parties of the rich and famous, get-togethers, marriages and many other important events.

In the hotel industry, a top chef is valued very highly; he/she is highly paid and respected. Chefs, unlike so many other professions, get almost instant credit and praise.


Professional satisfaction

If you have a passion for using your culinary skills to cook up a dish, you would know that the ultimate satisfaction is to see someone devouring your creation and to get immense pleasure and satisfaction seeing their faces.

However, the work schedule and hours for those in the culinary field can be taxing, extended and grueling. The shift schedules for chefs & cooks include early mornings, late nights, weekends, and holidays.


You make people happy, every single day

Food makes people happy, and good food makes people really happy! There aren’t many other jobs where you get to make people happy every day. It’s good to see your regular customers come in and say ‘Hi’ to you, knowing they’ve come because they love the food that you cook. Your food helps people celebrate their birthdays, anniversaries and some people fall in love whilst sharing a plate of your carefully prepared food. A plate of food may be small, but it can play a huge part in people’s lives.

Few jobs compare with that of a chef. Sure, it’s hard work and sometimes the hours can be long, but there really is nothing that can match the buzz that working in a kitchen gives you, and the opportunities that can present themselves. Working in close knit teams and providing customers with fantastic food, it really is an awesome career- and that’s why we continue to do it, isn’t it?