The THA Promise

The THA Promise


The Tasmanian hospitality industry has transformed in recent times. It offers a product/service mix more closely aligned to the changes in the board local and visitor market and specific segments within them, as well as food, beverage and accomodation offers altering markedly in response to observed changes in market dynamics.

The Tasmanian Hospitality Association and it's members are working to become major participants in the demonstration and promotion of Tasmania's food and beverage excellence, providing complementary benefits to tourism and primary production.


Our Vision


Our vision as an organisation is focused on two complementary parts:

  1. Tasmania is recognised for exceptional hospitality
  2. Tasmanian hospitality is an industry in which to profitably invest in and work

Our Tasmanian hospitality industry strategy is designed to progress towards these independent elements of our vision.

Hospitality provides both a recreational experience and a service to people as they go about their daily lives; an experience that members of the THA work to ensure is both safe and enjoyable.


Our Promise

Our promise to you is in the Tasmanian hospitality industry and our member's venues to provide a safe, secure experience, to promote a highly skilled, productive workforce pursuing hospitality as a career choice and to ensure people will enjoy great hospitality experiences for years to come.