Staff Profile: Peter Handy

Peter Handy

Industry Skills & Workforce Development Advisor

I joined the THA on the 29th of June 2015, so I've been with the THA for about 3 years. I was a casual chef and also had a full time job working as the head chef at the Kingston Hotel for the Kalis Group.



  • RCG bookings, referrals and training delivery
  • Supporting corporate partners and/or members with letters etc. to allow them to obtain funding or grants
  • Regular article for Hospitality Review
  • Undertake projects as stated in Grant Deeds
  • Research and consultation of key industry trends, training needs and skills shortage areas to develop reports and recommendations to government
  • Assist THA office team and members with workforce development and training issues including referral to appropriate bodies for assistance
  • Develop project proposals and project plans as required to pitch projects and to monitor progress
  • Provision of regular progress reports to DEDTA and Skills Tasmania as per Grant Deed or contract requirements
  • Liaise with industry, training providers and schools to foster and maintain relationships to benefit the industry and the THA membership base
  • Design, develop and deliver industry workshops including invitations, marketing venue bookings, catering and production of materials, gather feedback and report on outcomes where appropriate



I like to sail competitively on the Derwent river (as part of the Derwent sailing squadron) and I love growing vegetables in my garden.