Staff Profile: Leanne Blackwell

Leanne Blackwell

Office manager / PA to CEO


How long have you been at the THA?

I have worked at the THA for just under four years now.


What did you do before you worked at the THA?

Before I worked at the THA, I was a sales administration executive at Lion with the Boags team in Hobart. I was there for two years. Prior to that I worked at Optus in Adelaide for 12 years, starting in the call center there and working my way through into an account manager role.


What are your responsibilities and how do you assist THA members?

I've recently moved into the office manager role here and become the P.A. to the CEO,  so my main role is to ensure the office runs as effectively and efficiently as possible which in turn allows our CEO Steve to concentrate on his job, which is to focus on and get the best for our members in the upcoming election.


What do you like to do outside your work?

I consider myself pretty much an outdoors person, and I have a 10 year old who is very active in sport so most weekends are outdoors doings sports like soccer with him, out in the kayaks, athletics and things like that!