Short Film: One Passion, One Purpose

A Tasmanian Hospitality Film

Our new short film has already made waves. We premiered it at our Awards night in front of over 500 people, with some excellent feedback and acclaim coming back our way. It's available to watch on our social media channels now, and if you haven't seen it yet, do it now and read on:

We wanted a video that could encapsulate our new slogan of One Passion, One Purpose. A film that hospitality workers could relate to, and one that could inspire people on the outside. The desire was to show not only the uniqueness of an incredible industry, but what was it that made Tasmania different to anywhere else in the world. 

The resulting film tells the story of 'a day in the life' of our island state. Starting in cafes opening for breakfast, it moves through hotels, a busy kitchen, and restaurants, closing the video when a full day ends.

One of hundreds of photos taken across the film shoot!

One of hundreds of photos taken across the film shoot!

Our crew travelled across the state filming at seven different venues (in order of appearance): Elaia Cafe, Brooke Street Larder, Tall Timbers Tasmania, Stillwater, Salamanca Inn, Black Cow Bistro, and Novaros.

They gathered funny stories, pieces of advice, and new perspectives. But what they took away most, was the value of Tasmania. There is simply no place like it, and it's food and drink are an inseparable part of that fact.

We're very pleased with the resulting video, but there's more to come. With all of the interviews and footage collected, we'll be posting a series of short episodes and interviews to our Facebook page over the course of the year.

Stay tuned!