Worried about cyber security? You should be!

Worried about cyber security? You should be!

1 in 4 businesses will experience a data breach.  The world as we know it is continually changing and one of the fundamental drivers is digital transformation.  In partnership with TasmaNet, cyber security expert Jim Lange from HPE talks about the threats we face in our digital environment and how you can protect your business against data corruption and common cyber security threats. If you are concerned about managing and protecting your business information in a digital world then you have an opportunity to attend a 45 minute information session FREE coming near you.

RSVP by the 25th September.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Business reliance on digital systems

  • Common cyber security threats

  • Cyber-attacks and Ransomware

  • Data corruption or loss

  • Understanding your business recovery objectives


This is such a hot topic at the moment and something our corporate partner TasmaNet are very passionate about.  Not a lot of business owners put enough emphasis and importance into protecting their data.  These sessions will be a great education piece for all. 

Remember RSVP by the 25th September!