a quick look at how music licensing will change for your business in less than 12 months.

We’re writing to you as a customer (licensee) of APRA AMCOS.

From the middle of 2019, there will be a big improvement to obtaining and managing a licence to use music in your organisation. Red tape will be drastically cut making it easier for most businesses to renew their licence for using our music. This improvement is under an initiative called OneMusic Australia.

OneMusic Australia has prepared proposals for almost every industry sector. Many industry associations and individual licensees have provided feedback to these 25 proposals and their feedback will ultimately influence our licence offer for your business.

Just so there are no surprises at your next renewal date in or after July 2019, we encourage you to also have a read of our latest proposal for your industry sector.

In under a minute, you can provide anonymous feedback here or provide a full written submission here.

For finalised licence schemes go to the LICENCE INFO tab.
For licence schemes still open for comment go to the CONSULTATIONS tab.


What is changing?

At the moment in most cases when you play music at your business you need one licence from PPCA to cover recording artists and record labels and another licence from APRA AMCOS to cover songwriters, composers and music publishers. 


From mid next year OneMusic, developed by APRA AMCOS and PPCA, will launch as a music licence one-stop-shop with online transactions making the process even simpler, which means that for the overwhelming majority of businesses there will be: 

• One licence scheme 

• One renewal date 

• Once-a-year music use reporting, to one organisation 

• One payment online 

Richard Mallett
Head of Revenue


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