Nick Daking - Candidate for Launceston Alderman

Nick Daking - Candidate for Launceston Alderman

Updated Press Release 8th September 2018


Rejuvenating Launceston’s CBD and strengthening local business opportunities will be the key
priorities for Nick Daking, if he is elected as a Launceston Alderman. The local business owner has announced his candidacy for an alderman position at Launceston City Council.

Mr Daking is a proud Launceston local and extremely passionate about Launceston as a city, its business community and its citizens. 

“I want to ensure that Launceston is a city full of opportunity, and I want to make the changes
necessary for Launceston to become one of the most liveable cities in Australia,” Mr Daking said. “Having grown up here I enjoyed a fantastic childhood in Launceston and it is one I would like my children to experience. I love the lifestyle Launceston offers and plan on calling Launceston home for many years to come.

Mr Daking has a civil engineering background with an Advanced Diploma in Engineering and for many years worked with an international funds management company specialising in construction finance for large property developments across the country.

“My experience is not just limited to large scale projects however. I’ve spent years building and managing hospitality businesses within in Launceston and currently the proud owner of Sporties Hotel and Henry’s Bar and Restaurant. During this time, I have also been a Board member of the Tasmanian Hospitality Association,” Mr Daking said.

“I’m a Publican that has an Advance Diploma in Engineering which has made me a great problem solver and I understand the challenges involved from concept to completion. As a local business owner and operator, I have a full understanding and appreciation of the commercial issues businesses face each day. Without healthy businesses you do not have the confidence you need as a community to grow.

Launceston is in a great position and I believe I have the commercial experience and skill set
required to continue the momentum of the city and see the successful rejuvenation of the CBD.

I would like represent the local business community, the hospitality and tourism industry that is an integral part of driving the growth of the city, but most importantly I’d like to represent my community, Launceston, as an alderman of the city,” Mr Daking said.

With Regards
Nick Daking
0499 225 568