Got Kitchen Space to Rent?

Got Kitchen Space to Rent? 

One of our Corporate Partners, Clinton Institute needs the use of a Commercial Kitchen.

They are planning to open new courses and are looking for a large scale commercial kitchen to rent.



  1. Commercial Kitchen with a big space for groups of around 15 students per class.
  2. Commercial grade work benches ( 1.5m/per student)
  3. Double sink (around 2 or 3 in the kitchen)
  4. Stove (Enough for the number of students)
  5. Refrigeration unit 
  6. Storage facilities
  7. Griller
  8. and small equipment as: Assorted pots and pans, blenders, and more.

If you can help, please contact Maria Sierra at Clinton Institute on mobile at +61 (4)1429 7034 or email at