TasTAFE Student Industry Work Placements

TasTAFE Student Industry Work Placements

Are you a Hospitality business that is looking to motivate and inspire the future employees of our Industry?


As an industry we all need to provide students coming into the Hospitality sector a real and authentic work placement experience.

This means that during this period they need to be prepared to endure a reasonable amount of the work placement under reasonable pressure.

Work experience is a vital component of the students training and it is essential that they gain the exposure that will actually allow them to understand what the industry demands of its new employees.

There are many benefits of having a work placement student from TasTAFE:

  • It gives the opportunity to meet and mentor a potential employee
  • You can see how the student fits in with your workplace culture, takes on challenges and demonstrates work related skills
  • You can provide the student with a valuable real-life learning experience, and the opportunity to apply and develop their skills
  • It can be rewarding to share your expertise and contribute to your industry
  • It provides you with the opportunity to develop training and coaching skills that may benefit your own staff
  • Work placement students can contribute their skills, enthusiasm and interest to your business and assist with specific projects

Our industry needs to be heavily involved in rebuilding the once exceptional reputation that TasTAFE had for producing suitably skilled and work ready candidates for Restaurants, Clubs, Bars etc in Tasmania. It’s in our best interest!

If you would like to place one or more of these students, please contact TasTAFE!