Employment Relations - Our Point of Difference

Why THA?

Our Point of Difference

One of the most sought-after services that the THA offers is our expert Employment Relations and Business Improvement advice and experience, provided free to all of our members.

We have three main goals: to be timely, proactive and value-adding to you and your business. These three tenants complement the solutions focused approach adopted by the THA for all members.

We pride ourselves on providing timely and proactive solutions focused services rather than reactive and clearly our “point of difference” as distinct from other similar organisations, which is a benefit for all our members.

Our team is membership and relationship driven, priding ourselves on continued and long-term relationships with our members and delivering value to their workplaces. Workplace relations can be highly complex, with many layers of legislation and regulation to navigate. With intimate knowledge of the sector and many years of operational, business improvement, industrial and management experience, we have full confidence we can simplify the process for you.

This will mitigate the exposure and risk by ensuring compliance but more importantly achieving ‘best practice’ and brand retention in your businesses. As the hospitality industry’s own representative group, when you collaborate with us you can be assured that you are receiving expert advice and support based on intimate knowledge and with genuine concern of the outcomes for your business.

With the end of the financial year fast approaching it is prudent to remind all members of the need to ensure wage rates and employee terms and conditions are compliant. With this in mind members are reminded of the direct and indirect cost benefits of membership with the THA. Detailed below are two key initiatives that THA stand alone in providing and clear evidence of our ability to ensure support for all members in mitigating risk.




As previously communicated to members, The Tasmanian Hotels Association in alignment with the AHA as the national representative and governing body is pleased to announce the recent resigning of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for three more years. This MoU is significant for all our members as a strong and transparent working relationship with the industrial regulators and in summary is as follows;

  1. Parties

    1.1. The Parties to the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) are;

    1.1.1. The Office of the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) which promotes harmonious, productive and cooperative workplaces and compliance with Commonwealth workplace laws

    1.1.2. The Australian Hotels Association (AHA) and by association (THA) which provides advice, assistance and representation to members in the hospitality sector, reflecting its membership in hotels, resorts, casinos, taverns, wine saloons, licenced retailers, and other hospitality businesses (the hospitality sector)

    1.2. The relationship between AHA and by association the THA and the Fair Work Ombudsman will be based on the principle of no surprises, constructive engagement, working collaboratively to create and maintain fair and productive workplaces and ensuring a level playing field for all businesses in the hospitality sector.

  2. Purpose;

    2.1. The purpose of the MoU is to provide a framework for both parties to enhance existing relationships and work together to improve compliance and Commonwealth workplace laws through the provision of accessible, reliable and credible information to workplace participants


The Fair Work Ombudsman’s Workplace Basics Campaign

The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) has recently advised us that it is has commenced the first phase of the Workplace Basics Campaign, a national campaign focussing on small business employers and their compliance.

It has to be said that where our members in Tasmania are concerned, we have a record of high compliance via proactive information audit advice and support services THA have and will continue to provide.

However, some non-members have been deemed as non-compliant and this campaign if acted on in the first phase, whereby Fair Work Inspectors may contact employers and seeking sample employment records for audit.
FWO has advised that through this campaign it is seeking to address any concerns that some employers have with regards to basic workplace obligations.

These include:

  • Base hourly rates
  • Penalty rates
  • Overtime
  • Record-keeping requirements
  • Pay slip requirements

The FWO have also indicated if and where required will be using these audits as an opportunity to engage with employers and in liaison with THA where appropriate ensuring a full understanding of requirements.


What to expect

  • If the FWO selects you for an audit, to be contacted by phone and asked about your business and employees
  • You will need to provide samples of time and wages records for staff and a corresponding payslip for the same recent pay period.
  • If you have junior staff, apprentices, trainees, or workers on a visa, you will need to include records
  • If they assess your business as non-compliant with the relevant award, agreement or Fair Work Act, they will take the time to explain these obligations in detail before requiring you to rectify any issues.


Our Role

We will continue to consult with the Fair Work Ombudsman on your behalf to help ensure members are getting the information required to ensure compliance with workplace laws.

I also recommend that it is prudent to conduct regular audits to ensure compliance in order to avoid potential liabilities of both Companies and Company officers. THA also has an example HR Tool Kit Audit that can be made available in addition to the Fair Work Check List referred to below.

THA in liaison with Fair Work will provide reference and assist in discussing THA and FWO tools as well as all Employment Relations Services by accessing our members area portal below.

Access the FWO’s full suite of templates and guides including;

  • Hours of work, rostering
  • Rates of pay
  • Important recent changes to award entitlements - overtime for casuals
  • Leave
  • Records and payslips
  • Managing performance, termination procedures
  • Visit www.fairwork.gov.au for all the tools and resources you need to keep up with your obligations
  • Use the FWO’s Guide to self-auditing your business
  • Annual Wage Case From 1/7/2018 

At the time of this publication the annual wage increase has not been made known, however as normal we will provide communication and advice on rates in due course as normally applies in order to prepare members and payroll changes. Last year it was 3.3%, however predictions this year are hard to gauge.

Should members or potential members need to discuss this article or services provided to members, please contact Merv Saltmarsh, Employment Relations and Business Improvement Manager on 03 6220 7303 or at merv@tha.asn.au