Experience The Industry Aurally


We’ve been expanding our media efforts recently, to provide more benefits to our members in the digital age. To complement our online news coverage, we will be releasing a fortnightly podcast called Hospitality In Our Community.

I’m very excited to be bringing this podcast to the airwaves on behalf of our industry.
— Steve Old, CEO | Tasmanian Hospitality Association

The podcast aims to cover news and information relevant to what is arguably the most important industry in our state. The convenience for listeners will make this one of our most informative and useful initiatives for member engagement and communication, and will change the way we interact with our members and corporate partners forever.

The ‘Hospitality in our Community’ Podcast has been submitted to the world’s largest podcast directory, and once approved, will be available to subscribe through your Podcast player of choice
— Luke Pettit, Podcast Producer

For those of you chomping at the bit to experience our newest media venture, you can manually subscribe and listen to the podcast in your podcast player of choice by pasting the following URL into the Podcast URL field of your podcast player: http://tashospitality.squarespace.com/hospitalityinourcommunity?format=rss

Alternatively, you can listen to the podcast on our website here.