Humans of Hospitality | Corey Terry

We had a quick chat with Corey Terry from the 9/11 Bottleshop in Launceston’s CBD to talk about his hospitality experience, and why he chooses to work in the industry.

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I worked in other industries while I was studying at college and then uni. I was studying a Bachelor of Business Management while I was at uni, but I ended up breaking my hand, which put a pretty quick stop to that.

After a few small hospitality jobs in cafes and such, I ended up at the 9/11 Bottleshop here. I applied for the management position here when it came up, after I got a push from friends, which made me think ‘this might be something I could do’. I got the position, and it really changed my perspective on liquor retail. 

I put a lot of work into sorting out the layout of the store, and training new staff. Almost all of the staff were completely new to liquor retail. There were so many things that were totally different once viewed through the lens of management.

It took me a long time working here to realise that I do actually like red wine. I went to a few tastings, and it really helped me to provide better service to the customers.

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There’s a great offering of products here, there’s a great range of Tassie products. We’ve got a great set of wines available for testing here - you don’t have to go all around the state to test all of these.

I’ve learned a lot about viticulture since working here, and I’m really passionate about it now. It’s an important part of the role to know the product, especially when you’re giving recommendations.

Keeping up with trends is difficult, with how fast things evolve these days. Keeping up with all the new roses and the craft beer scene is difficult. You need to have the flexibility to change on the fly. We went from having 31 Tassie red wines two years ago to well over 100 now. New products are where most of the growth is nowadays

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We’ve had some great feedback from our customers. It’s always great to see the staff get commendations from customers, and it certainly makes me feel proud. We want everyone to walk away and go ‘I want to go back to that store’. 

I like the fact that it isn’t the same every day. You don’t know who’s coming through the door, and you have to figure out how to make their day better. You might get someone in a shit mood, but you can talk to them, give them a taste from the sampling machine - always lightens someone up - and you can have fun and really cheer up their day. I like making a positive difference to people’s days.