A Charitable Industry

Here’s one to cheer you up - a message from one of the recipients of assistance from the THAT Foundation:

“Dear THAT Foundation,

On behalf of our family, I’d like to sincerely thank you and the THAT Foundation for the difference you made to my son’s life. He is usually very serious, but quickly started making jokes about his stinky socks as one of his first forms of expression, and was laughing joyously. It’s made a world of difference for him to have a communication device at home where he is frequently frustrated, as he could only communicate his basic needs to his mother, and was not able to have social conversations about things he was interested in. I hope the organisation is aware that they should be highly commended for the immense change to quality of life as you are able to offer families. So muchly appreciated.”

Pubs and hospitality venues across this state do charitable things every day. The THAT Foundation aims to provide assistance to kids and families in need across the state. We think it’s important to tell stories of assistance the hospitality industry provides to the people who fall through cracks in the system that fails to support them.

The THAT’s volunteer board raises funds via many events and avenues to help provide those in need, and one of those events is the upcoming Golf Day on December 7th. Check the video from our 2017 Charity Golf Day below.

You can read more about the THAT Foundation and what it does here, and if you can afford to make a donation to the foundation, it will be greatly appreciated.