She's Nothing But Trouble: Don't Take Mel Home


Tasmania has a high incidence of melanoma, despite its distance from the equator. Melanoma Tasmania is an organisation dedicated to reducing the incidence of melanoma in Tasmania for locals and visitors. They have recently partnered with Ego Sunsense to launch their new ‘Don’t Take Mel Home’ campaign.

Our main aim is to raise awareness around the dangers of UV radiation and melanoma. We want to correct the misconception that you can only get burned while it is hot outside.
— Di Mason, Founder & Chair | Melanoma Tasmania

Melanoma and severe sunburn have been recognised as major risk factors for visitors to Tasmania. Tourists are often underprepared for the danger of sunburn when they visit Tasmania. The risk is especially high when visitors hike amongst Tasmania’s mountains, as the risk of sunburn is elevated at higher altitudes.

The THA recognises the threat of sunburn and melanoma for Tasmanian locals and visitors. As such, we will be working with Melanoma Tasmania to distribute ‘Don’t Take Mel Home’ brochures to our venues in the coming weeks.