Tasmanian Produce Recognised For Value


The office of the Premier of Tasmania recently released their 2018-19 Seasonal Produce Guide, to promote the amazing range of quality produce that Tasmania is known for producing. We are excited to see support of Tasmanian agriculture by the Premier, and acknowledge the important link between primary production and hospitality in the State.

Endorsing the State’s reputation as providing fresh, high quality produce, the overall aim is to see more tasty and healthy Tasmanian seasonal food purchased from farm gates, through retail and farmers markets, at events, and on the menus of cafés and restaurants across Tasmania.
— The Hon Guy Barnett, Minister for Primary Industries and Water

As part of this recognition, we recently held our second Procurer Meets Producer event. These events aim to increase the ties between Tasmanian procurers and producers, and to bring Tasmanian produce to the forefront on the visitor experience in the state.