Holiday Park Success Shows Industry Strength

Holiday Park Success Shows Industry Strength

Having been operational for just over one week now, NRMA St Helens Waterfront Holiday Park is already fully booked for the coming weekend. The early success of the facility reflects the strength of hospitality and tourism in the state.

The venue opened on schedule, even after moving their booking date forward from the 1st of December to the 29th of October. The opening shows Tasmania’s ability to produce world-class experiences with a high level of professionalism.

The park is unique amongst the lineup of NRMA parks across Australia, as it is both independently owned and managed. Ryan Penderghast, the park manager, noted that the arrangement is a pilot test for NRMA parks.

The park includes an on-site bar & restaurant named Parkside, which features Tasmanian produce and beverages. The venue can be booked for bespoke functions, and also has a cafe area for guests looking for a more casual experience.

The successful launch of the park reflects the strength of the Tasmanian tourism and hospitality industries, and suggests good things to come for the Tasmanian economy and the town of St. Helens.

Photo Credit: NRMA St Helens Waterfront Holiday Park