How Pubs Heal Despondence


Research on human wellbeing has been drawn to the focal point of mental health in recent years, with many sources describing the current global prevalence of mental health issues as an epidemic. In spite of this bleak diagnosis of our society, the importance of social interaction and community institutions has been acknowledged as the greatest treatment for the growing inevitability of despondence in modern society.

Nothing is more significant, both to our lives and to the national economy, than our health and happiness. The more friends you have, the happier and healthier you are.
— Friends on Tap Report

The Friends on Tap report notes the role of pubs in social cohesion, and how they act the hub of community and social activity for towns. The study warns about the potentially huge negative impacts shutting down pubs can have for social cohesion and the mental wellbeing of communities.

We don’t just support our pubs and clubs because they are THA members. We support them because they support their communities.