Tas Government Announces Plan To Sell Elizabeth Street Pier


The Tasmanian Government has announced that it will sell the 91% of the Elizabeth Street Pier that it owns, with plans to use the proceeds of the sale to underpin investment in other public assets that will benefit all Tasmanians. The Government has noted the potential for the precinct to become a cultural heart of Hobart City.

If selling the asset by government opens up the opportunity for further investment and growth in the industry then that has to be a positive. It would also be great if the sale of the asset allows development and opportunities to open up at Macquarie Point
— Steve Old, CEO | Tasmanian Hospitality Association

The wharf area and apron are intended to remain in public ownership, while the larger move to sell has been prompted by the Government’s own view that it is “no longer appropriate to own the Elizabeth Street Pier”.

The move seems promising for the hospitality and tourism industries in Hobart, with the Government aiming for future developments in the area to fall in line with MONA’s cultural vision.

Photo credit: Beetle Black Media