03: Hospitality in our Community - Jane Howlett MLC, John Mann...

Hospitality in our Community is a podcast exploring the news, issues, and personalities affecting the hospitality industry in Tasmania. 

From the challenges posed by the sharing-economy to the trends in food culture, this is the directors commentary to the activities and interests of Tasmanian Hospitality Association.

In this episode, we cover:

Steve Old and Nick Roney sit down to talk about what’s been happening in the industry, recapping the last few weeks at the THA. A lot has happened in the holiday period, and the pair will tell you all about it.

An interview of Jane Howlett, MLC of Prosser done by Steve Old. The pair talk about the electorate of Prosser, family life and much more in this can’t miss interview. 

Oldie also chats with John Mann of Beachfront Bicheno, the runner of the local country pub.

Roney talks with Glen Travis of Craigie Knowe Vineyard, John of Iron House Vineyard, Tim Bond of Bark Mill Tavern and Sara Hess of Lobster Shack.

World Champion David Foster travels up the east coast, talking to Lester (Pondering Frog), Nick (Beachfront Bicheno) and his old pal Lorrinda (Bark Mill Tavern)

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