In the hospitality industry, there is a requirement to provide customers with a professional experience that meets or exceeds their expectations.  This is what every business owner and operator seeks to achieve. In order to do this staff need to be equipped with the appropriate skills and abilities. It is very rare to have employees start work in a business that already have everything you require of your employees.

Employees can learn on the job but this is not a sustainable way to increase the skills in the industry, we need employees to seek out professional training outcomes, and to become qualified.  We can support this through an introduction to training via a non-accredited video based platform available to all venues and employees, or by assisting employees and venues to source accredited training outcomes.

We have preferred training partners who we regularly work with on training funding applications, best practice training for industry and innovative training programs to benefit our members and our industry.

Members are regularly notified of any opportunities to access industry relevant training programs offered by our training partners.

THA members can also speak to our staff about any enquiries related to staff training for all employees. Members are referred to our training partners based on their needs and which partner is able to offer a service that best meets requirements.

A further advantage of undertaking training through our training partners is that if you have any issues we can assist in resolving these for you!

Please see our Industry Partners List and choose the 'Staff Training' category to view our partners!