Building a New Workforce

Hospitality Industry Awareness Program


Attend an Awareness Program

Engage students with Presenters who will promote the industry and all its concepts, careers and options

  • Presenters will be experienced in industry
  • Participation in Video presentations and interactive discussion will be used to make sure clients are engaged and understanding. 
  • Get Real life experiences from presenters who will share their stories with participants and draw out the stories from the audience.
  • Tour a venue – see what it’s really like – chat to the staff.


How will this help get a job

Participants will get a THA badged Certificate of Participation and THA will market this through industry as a good thing for people to have – this will encourage employers to give participants a go. 



Participants who are really interested will be offered training that will enable them to be employed much more easily when the hospitality season stars ramping up in September/ October. 

The THA will direct market participants to employers in Tasmania.