For the THA Typsy is the vehicle that gets people involved in training – it is our pathway to “participation”.  A key plank for our Great Customer Experience Program is contact, diagnostic, presentation and ultimately training at your venue, when you want it, not interfering in service and available when you need it.  Typsy allows us to meet those requirements.

It’s not accredited training but it will give your people some of the skills they need to “just do the job you want them to do”.

It also provides an experience that demonstrates to your staff that training is a good thing, and we hope that leads to staff embarking on a Skills Experience through accredited channels.  A better skilled industry is in all our best interests.

Below is some info from Typsy – please look at this and ask yourselves the question – will it hurt me to give it a try.


Is online training the answer for millennials?

A recent survey has revealed what millennials want from the hospitality industry, and the answers might surprise you. One of their top concerns is simple – they want to work for companies that offer training and development opportunities.

Of course, introducing a training program into your venue works well in theory, but getting staff to engage with that training can be another battle entirely. People have different learning styles, so applying a one-size-fits-all approach is unlikely to keep everyone interested.

If your staff are not immediately stimulated, they will stop concentrating, which puts added pressure on you to create training that is engaging.

THA has partnered with Typsy to help members solve this issue. Typsy offers staff the chance to learn new hospitality skills through bite-sized online courses. It’s a fun style of learning tailor-made for the millennial generation. 

The Typsy platform caters to a number of different learning styles. There are online videos to watch and engage with, written resources for readers and writers, and exercises for kinesthetic learners.


Videos are short, sharp and fun

Your staff can explore a growing library of short and snappy video lessons. Categories include bartending, coffee, management, marketing and service. Typsy listens closely to the demands of its members, and new courses are constantly being added on topics that are most relevant to you and your staff.


Staff can access world-leading instructors

Typsy’s instructors are chosen because they are world leaders in the hospitality industry, and because they are passionate about empowering others. They are World Barista Champions, award-winning restaurateurs, celebrated bartenders, consultants and educators, and they have invaluable wisdom to share. They hail from all over the world, which would make attending their training sessions impossible on a normal day, but Typsy brings them straight to your door.


You can make training rewarding

Your staff have the chance to complete an assessment. If they pass, they earn a certificate, which they can proudly display on their Typsy profile. You can use this feature to create friendly competitions between staff.

Rewards motivate people to constantly challenge themselves and take things to the next level, which can only benefit your venue. By offering staff the chance to earn certificates, you’re also showing them how much you value their professional development, which will increase their loyalty to your business.


You can schedule training on your own terms

Training is most effective when it’s consistent, and one of the most convenient features of Typsy is that you can schedule training courses out to your team at any time. Upload a list of your employees into Typsy, and then organise them into specific groups and roles. Then allocate training to those who need it, whenever you choose.

For example, if your front of house staff need a refresher on their service skills, you can schedule training courses to that particular group. Or schedule training to a single staff member, or to everyone in the organisation. Your options are flexible, and scheduling only takes a few simple clicks – freeing up your day for other things.


You can monitor your team’s progress

The management dashboard shows you what your staff are watching (or not watching), if they have completed assessments, if their training schedules are overdue, and how many hours of training they have completed overall. It’s a fantastic resource for determining who your engaged staff members are, and who needs an extra push.  


Staff can learn anytime, anywhere, on any device

Why restrict training to a particular time or day when you can learn anytime? Typsy is available on desktop and as a mobile app (via the App Store or Google Play). Your team can watch training videos wherever they are, whenever they like. They can skill up on the bus before a shift, in the break room during the day, or from the couch when they’re at home – the options are endless. Giving them the ability to self-study when they need help is a great morale booster, and it will lift the quality of their work.

Proper and ongoing training should be a priority for all hospitality venues. According to the Council of Hotel and Restaurant Trainers in the US, “companies who spend 5% or more of their budget on certified trainers experience 23% less turnover than those who don’t.” That is undoubtedly true of hospitality businesses in Australia as well, where the employee turnover rate has reached peak levels.


We need to show young people that the hospitality industry is a viable career option for them, and that we care about their training and development. By offering them access to resources like Typsy, we can ensure that the future of the industry is bright.

To learn more about Typsy’s online training, or to request a free demo for your business, visit the website now!