The THA Great Customer Experience Program


The THA wants to offer you the chance for inclusion in a program that is

Delivered free, and delivered at your venue

The THA and the State Government are aligned with Brand Tasmania to try and make sure all Tourism and Hospitality venues have the best chance to provide the very best Customer Experience possible by participating in the THA Great Customer Experience program.

The opportunity exists for your venue to gain a free assessment of your venue that will:

  • Provide feedback about your venues social media profile
  • Identify where the THA can provide skill sets training that will help lift standards with your staff
  • Identify any other assistance we have available that will help your venue be the best it can be
  • Result in venue accreditation as a deliverer of “Great Customer Experiences” with a sticker on the window to prove it.

If you want to participate in this free program, contact us and we will come to your venue at a convenient time.  It takes about an hour to do the initial diagnostic then there are options about how we finalise the Program and provide you with opportunities.

Contact on 0439 100 290 if you want to participate – we have had great results so far, so get on board!



“The Great Customer Service Program has had some good benefits to our business, like getting our Staff together in a facilitated program and activating some group think and action on Customer Service"
“The overall presentation was clear and on point demonstrating the need for better communication between staff to ensure the common goals of the business are achieved. It also showed how their communication and dealings with customers can have either a positive or detrimental effect on not just the business, but the overall Tasmanian experience for the customer”
“Overall I believe the staff were able to take a lot out of the training and apply it effectively to their day to day roles” 
“It was fabulous and a breath of fresh air to hear someone reiterate and confirm what I’ve been saying and doing for the last 20 years. As one team member said, it was stuff they already knew, but hearing it from someone else in a different way made them realise the importance of the guest and running a business- it wasn’t just me rambling on for the sake of it.  This stuff is actually real, and it feels like someone has my back!”

The Launch

with Premier Will Hodgman
Penicott Wilderness journies, January 2016


first Seal of Approval

With Premier Will Hodgman
Cataract on Patterson, January 2017