The THA Great Customer Experience Program is built with venue requirements in mind.  We have travelled, consulted and listened and this is the result – all engagements are at your venue, all outcomes are tailored to your needs, and it’s funded by Government.

To facilitate continual learning and improvement we have sourced an electronic web-based skills package with an inbuilt Learning Framework that will enable venues to continue the skills improvements.  It’s called Typsy - check it out below.

We have great engagement – check out the maps, we have been able to continually engage venues – look at our awareness and skills session map – it’s growing weekly, become part of it all - it’s been generated and custom built for you and the Brand of Tasmania.

More about the Program can be found on the Great Customer Experience Program Promo Video – coming soon

A huge opportunity

Check out the Typsy offering on the THA/ Typsy Landing Page

https://info.typsy.com/tha-typsy-training   (Password if required is TAS)

Click here to see more.

Click here to see more.

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Need more info or want to be engaged - Contact Details

Stephen Long – 0439 100 290 or Stephen@tha.asn.au

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